Welcome to

House of Healing

Welcome to

House of Healing

A Home of Refuge & Restoration

A Home of Refuge & Restoration

Hello everyone, House of Healing is here for you. Recently we were asked to provide hot meals for 500 to 800 people and by faith and the strength of God along with the support of so many we did it. We want to tell you and others that we are still here committed to our communities. If you or someone you know is in need of food, household supplies or just someone to talk to, contact us, these are difficult times but God has not forsaken us.  We declare His word that we are healed and made whole by the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ.  We are praying for you.


The Power of Agreement Workshop


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Healthy Relationships

Power of Agreement Workshop

616 Marriott Drive

Postponed until further notice.


In Celebration of Women's History Month

books can be purchased on Amazon.com or by email houseofhealing911@gmail.com 

Our Mother's Day Celebration has been cancelled

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