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House of Healing Ministry was conceived in 2006 with a sincere passion for helping individuals in need.  Having the opportunity to provide care and shelter for a single mother experiencing cancer and chrome disease with four daughters to raise, who are by the way all high school graduates now, was our first insight of what we believe God had called us to do.  Later, we had the challenge of taking in a young college student in need of housing and support, who is today on her way to a prominent teaching career in the states and abroad.  In 2008 the ministry was birthed as the Holy Spirit guided us.  Two other young women joined our family circle, both needing refuge and employment, one with three school-age boys. These young women were welcomed and are now moving forward to a greater future one as an educator, the other a business owner.  As God spoke we obeyed and the ministry of refuge and restoration was established and continues to move forward. 

House of Healing Ministry continues to unfold as we launch out in our communities providing workshops, feeding, clothing, and offering avenues of hope to our neighbors.   We are grateful to have served meals in our "Food to Feed" program through our partnerships for our seniors and homeless community, foster care children, and refugees, as-well-as serve youth in providing a Back to School Bash.  Our quarterly workshops for married and single adults through our Power of Agreement Workshops, "Declaring War on Divorce" continues to address family issues and promote healthy relationships.

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