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Go into communities and preach the Word of God. Establishing functions of help for the needs of people in all categories. We will provide classes of life-training skills and build healthy relationships within the community both spiritually and physically. We will provide structured programs tailored to the needs of those shattered by homelessness and loneliness who are in need of emotional and spiritual growth for their well-being. This will be encompassed within a safe and wholesome environment. We seek to help individuals to mature in God employing spiritual, educational, and developmental skills to live a full life within His will.




To spread the Word of God throughout the world by way of actively engaging in communities helping individuals gain and maintain the fullness of life that Christ came to give.


We emphasize the importance of self-discipline and self-accountability to the Holy Spirit, as we strive to inspire hope and encourage a belief that brings to the forefront each person’s hidden gifts and talents. Our aim is to empower people through the love of God. Our hands are extended to nurture godly character, motivate integrity, and birth change through the Word of truth and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.



We will operate programs within state and federal guidelines on behalf of the people in cost efficiency. The annual budget will be determined by the board of directors with strict adherence to the programs to be administered, staffing and custodial requirements. An annual fundraiser and continual solicitation in the private sector along with program fees paid by the residents will be the primary source of financing. We also anticipate funding through covenant relationships, networking with local churches, government programs, and individual donors. Expenses are expected to remain low through physical contributions of home furnishings, food, clothing, and services volunteers.

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